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That's really bad.

Not much better over here and I don't think it will improve with Obamacare. All that will mean is that while some new people will get care (perhaps, doctors are starting to revolt over it, with some going insurance-free only), for the rest of us, insurance will skyrocket. Ours already has. Don't get sick.

As for the work (or school) not wanting people to leave for appointments, I've always found that short-sighted. I remember one girl coming into the bank (where I worked) sick because that bank did not want you to miss days (and preferred you ate lunch at your desk - I made it a point of never doing that). Instead of taking 2 days off and coming back non-infectious, she never missed a day. The end result? In an office of around 18 people, all but two caught her crud and some of them had to take a day or two off. Lost productivity? Through the sky.

Penny wise and Pound foolish.

P.S. Doctors made housecalls in your lifetime? Wow! Over here, that went the way of the dodo before I was born.

Politicians are usually greedy powerhungry morons...

Docs still do housecalls here, every company of x amount of people needs to have someone who knows BHV which is first aid and firefighting, on most public buidlings there's an automated defibrilator which everyone with two braincells or more can use.

Healthcare has sobered a lot though, here some politicians do understand that you need to keep the people healthy (rare).

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