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First of all, you deserve a BIG YAY!! like in WHOOOHOOO!! YEAH!! etc etc ;)

BMI doesn't say [bleep] fat percentage is what counts, my BMI is "wrong"I'm around 1.72m tall and I weigh around 90Kg, the reason for that is
weight training, my actual body fat percentage is 23.5% which is fine for a geezer my age ;)

I actually did kiss you although not "that" way. ;) *hugs*

LOL on the underwear. I had to drop a size or two in that department once I lost weight, so I know what you mean. You don't think about going down in size in that area, but you do if you drop weight!

You look fine. Mum always said it was the enveloping clothes you wore when we were there that "hid" you and I agree. Nothing wrong with your looks at all, but enveloped in thick suffocating clothes, no one could see your body. Invest in some nice tops that show off, not hide your cleavage.

I hadn't noticed any issue with your teeth/smile, but I know the value of doing what you feel will make you look and feel better. And if you are happy with how you feel and look, I would think others would pick up on that. And it's always nice to have the teeth in tip-top condition. I've mulled over getting mine whitened as I don't have that perfect color.

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