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My n900 died the same death. But I brought it back! I bought a Hama universal charger set which came with micro usb sockets. One of those I removed and soldered to the n900's motherboard (very, very carefully!). Then I bought two-component epoxy glue and covered the board and socket in glue. It's there forever now! A new life for my best friend :)

That requires a degree of courage I don't have. I tried it with my Treo 600 (opening and new battery) and never managed to save him. Time for a new phone, sadly.


^^ I've got that one.. ;) three weeks standbye time, no worries about OS's going EOL or whatever... doesn't do networking though.. or txt.. or anything else.. ;)

*hugs Kathy*

I need a converged device. or a very, very large rucksack for all the things I need to carry.
*hugs Santa back*

:D you've become quite the gadget girl over the years :D I'm far more a neanderthal when it comes to certain things ;)

When I was in the market for a new phone, back in June, my husband refused to buy me a Nokia, saying their app development was NBG compared to the Android's. And I do like my Android phone, although the small screen was a mistake.

Well, I think Nokia are aiming to put that right with the move to windows phone. Unfortunately, that leave the n9 rather out in the cold on its own, which is part of my reservation about it.

I have an android tablet, and love that.

Buy a second hand N900 and save yourself a pile of cash

Well that's an option. But given what just happened to Mo, I wouldn't vouch for the life expectancy of a second hand n900.

As a next step after s2 you might consider Galaxy Note - bigger faster

I think the S2 is as big as I could possibly want to go. My hands are not that big! Besides, if I want big I have the flyer.

On the N900 front: contact Nokia now. The USB port falling off is a known manufacturing defect and should be repairable free of charge, plus most European N900s should still be under warranty.

On the what's next front: it's a tool, not a romantic partner. Figure out what you are going to use it for, and choose the device that does that best.

At over 2 years old, I seriously doubt that Nokia will give a damn.

As for the phone, I assure you I'm even choosier about romantic partners. ;-)

The things that pushed me over to the N9 was the carrier IQ scandal and an info graphic, Android Orphans, that shows how poor the android ecosystem has been at keeping their phones up to date.

I too wish it had a sd card, and I have occasionally found myself wishing for some apps on my N900 that people would show me on their androids or iphones. (and I expect that to continue.)

Now that I have the N9, it is pretty. swype is pretty neat, and I'm hoping that Mer or Cannonical will succeed on getting another actual debian-like OS shipped on a handset.

the same thing happend to me and i went to the phone repair shop and payed only £20 for a repair job, haven't had a issues since.

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