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I might not be the right person to interpret that (as I'm of Italian origins), but I wouldn't have think of another way to word that invitation to a ball. From a man who see you (as he's such a gentlman) as the woman you are, with or without that collar.
My guess is that the man simply didn't realize the mail could've been read differently.
Rather than thinking of you as being mainly an asexual clergy person.

Behind that collar, but that may be only me, I always see a woman or a man. I hope the man does think on this very same lines.

You do realise you're a great deal more than a "mere" clerical collar, right?

It wasn't the best phrased invitation ever sent (and maybe the bloke was simply oblivious to that), but that's beside the point. Namely, that you're a person first, and a particularly good person at that. That's the only reminder you need to take out of this.

Best wishes always, Revd.

Not sure if it helps but to me you're first and foremost one of my best and dearest friends ever, also a spiffy and very resourceful woman who happens to have that particular job.

*mega hugs* :)

It might well be that the guy has had a partner for so long that he didn't remember that extending an invitation to the opposite sex could be taken as personal and/or romantic interest. That would be my guess.

It has to be hard to be clergy. For every person who doesn't see that the man or woman is, well, a man or a woman, there is another person who may have an inappropriate interest in that person due to their position.

Or perhaps, people are just dolts. *grin*

Don't take it personally. Odds are, he just forgot about the rules of male-female interaction.

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