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I suppose one of the many reasons that can be thrown in there for why it's got to this point is the demonisation of the young and the poor. Just the fact you're either is enough for you to be seen as a danger and a problem, and probably scrounging scum. I suppose there's only so long you can hear this before you think you might as well be if that's all people are going to think of you regardless. Add that to everything from lack of jobs to cuts in services that increase the anger and make people feel they have a lack of a chance getting anywhere in their life.

No doubt there's no excuse for what people are doing, though there are understandable reasons for anger and feeling they can get away with it. And to be fair they are just doing it because they can get away with it. Doesn't seem like a lot of them are thinking they're proving a political point beyond "Don't tell us what we can do." So I guess the main thing that needs to be thought about is why these people, not just kids, feel so separate from society and what can be done to make them feel more included.

People are doing this out of selfish greed. Parents no longer teach their children right and wrong, and there is always a rationalization for any behavior to make it OK.

Yes, leaders and athletes are greedy (and corrupt in the case of politicians). But using them as an excuse to go and do likewise shouldn't be a rationalization to loot and rob. Was that an excuse for that injured teenager being helped up by several other boys only to be stealthily robbed? Was that an excuse for burning shops, above which innocent people lived? Or robbing people's flats when they fled in terror of mobs?

It's pure greed. This is by no means a UK-only thing, sadly enough, I could see that happening here. There are few moral restraints anymore and people know this and are taking advantage. I think it will only get worse in future.

I blame leaders (who will never change) but even moreso, as a parent, I blame parents. They're not raising their kids right and I'm sure some are even enjoying the bounty their little thieves are bringing home. Because he's entitled to it, you know. The leaders are robbers, why not the kids too?

Two wrongs don't make a right.

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