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Sounds like a really cool toy. Your technical expertise makes me feel massive inadequate though; you're so saavy!

Retail therapy is often a good distraction (and safer for the figure than chocolate, if not safe for the wallet).

Hope that this bout passes soon. You've loads of strength to be able to work through it while you have it. I simply cannot handle depression, it eviscerates me emotionally. I'll take my aches and pains over that any day.

Where are you going for holiday in October?

Yes, it is a really cool toy. I'm not even going to pretend it will make me more productive for work! I tend to use retail therapy at a particular point in a depression patch - too soon is a waste, too late and even shopping won't lift me. This time was pretty well spot on. Thank you Amazon!

You can keep your aches and pains, at least I can still (mostly) work through this. Which is necessary given what I spend on retail therapy!

The October holiday (timed for "that" birthday) will be a cruise. I shall be in denial about getting older, Or on de-nile, at least. :D

It does sound like a lovely toy! My husband, my daughter and I all have relatively new smartphones (my husband's is the newest, he only got it on Friday), which we are enjoying playing with and finding out what they can do. I am also enjoying having a contract for the first time, and being able to text without thinking about it!

I do hope you feel better soon.

New toys are such fun. I feel a little guilty about spending so much money on myself, but it's the sort of thing that enables me to keep on doing what I do.

I get hours - week, months - of fun out of something like that. I hope you all enjoy your new phones. I'd hate to be in a space where I worried about stuff like that. Have fun.

And thanks for the good wishes. I'm still in work which is an improvement on last time. Each battle I get a little stronger and more capable at beating it. (mostly)

I think one does. I also think - judging not only from personal experience but from the experience of various friends - that one tends to "outgrow" it during one's 40s, quite why that should be I don't know. Perhaps one's brain chemistry changes slightly as one ages?

Sadly, I'm about to leave my 40s, so can't claim that. I have lots of practice at managing it, and have dealt with most of the 'stuff' that fuels it, so it is largely chemical. Mind, the Doctor has been mucking around with my hormones, so that's not helping. I look forward to being an old lady and past all that!

Yes, that is the one thing that is nice about being "over the hill"! Not so great while it's happening, but once it has - bliss!

The new toy sounds pretty nifty. But you feeling better is the important thing here.

Oh, and stay away from cliffs.

Kind of hard to avoid cliffs where I live. But I have a nice new toy to distract me. And yes, slowly feeling better: a break from work would help. If only!

Yeah, I gather cliffs are rather commonplace in your part of the world. But steer clear anyway.

And feel better.

And enjoy the toy.

Maybe you could tell work you have to go to Australia - to gloat about the (craptacular) Ashes result or something. They'd be sure to believe that.

I am waiting for permission to take a day off for a pamper day. I fear travelling to Australia would be beyond my leave entitlement. Good fun, tough.

Feel better soon, not sure it helps but you mean very much to me. *hugs*
As for geek-ish stuff, this was written on an Archos 70 7" Android pad.. ;) just buy your pad and enjoy it. :D

I looked at the Archos, but it didn't quite have what I wanted. Are you enjoying it?

And hugs always help. ;)

For my purposes its working fine, it just hangs on the wifi at home and I use it for browsing around the net not much else but it can do much more if needed. :)

I wanted one with 3g that can leave home and still connect. :-)

You had me reading up until "bible" and "prayer times"

What kind of geek believes in this non-sense?

Re: You had me reading up until "bible" and "prayer times"

The sort that is respectful of other people's beliefs and opinions. :)

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