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This is just...I can't think of adequate words for how good this is.

Happy new year, Revd.

Thank you. And happy new year to you, too.

PS: *** hugs ***

You're one of the best, smartest and wisest people I've ever encountered, anywhere. This entry just confirms it all over again.

I shall never get my swollen head through the hyperlink out of here now!


*hugs Kathy*
I know what its like, really.

I hope we'll able to meet up again someday, I very much remember Cornwall, St Just and the visit. :)

I hope the Christmas card made it to you. :)

Yes thanks. The card cleverly arrived yesterday when there wasn't supposed to be any post. Not sure how that happened!

The world is too small a place for us not to ever meet again. ;-)

That made me cry. Thank you for it - it makes so much sense.

Aww. Sorry to make you cry. But glad it makes sense. :-)

This is beautiful. Thank you.

You're welcome. Thank you for the comment.

simply amazing

I have no words to explain..how true this is...true to its deepest core..!! hats off.....!!!

Thank you. :)

i was told "you won't get over it but you will get used to it". true words.

This is very true!

Hi RevdKathy,

I find these thoughts very true, and I especially like the garden metaphor. My favourite part is this: "Never believe people who try to tell you it should hurt less: that hole stays as deep and painful as ever. You just get on with living and fall in less often."

Thanks for writing it!

"But just occasionally you forget the hole is there, walk the wrong way, and fall in. And when you do it hurts every bit as much as it did on the first day."

So very true.

Everything seems hunky-dory, you are used to the new arrangement and adjusted to it but one day you get distracted by a bird singing in a nearby tree, don't watch where you are walking and *WHAM!!!**

You crawl out, go back into the house and kick the wall in frustration, which is stupid given that you're already hurting from falling into the hole again. *grin*

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