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First, thank you so much for all of you help at the registration counter, including explaining yet again what it means to have a piss-up in a brewery after I was too pissed (did I get that right?) to remember the first time you guys explained it at the Guinness party :)

I'm afraid to admit how many "dinners" I made out of the crisps and peanuts in the hacker lounge after missing dinners and showing up to play werewolf.

I hope to see you again soon at the SF conference! It really was lovely to meet you in person!

Great to meet you too! Even if you did let people lynch me as a were-bear.

If someone offers me sponsorship for SF, I'll be there. I'm willing to take on co-ordinating the help-desk myself, if that works for people. Seeing colleagues today to book the annual leave! Mind, I don't think I could ever get into American beer.

Don't worry about living on crisps and Guinness - I find I moved about so much (including dancing) that I haven't gained an ounce. I'm sure you will soon be able to #getoffbutt to shift any after effect.

I said to my daughter, "Well, looks like MeeGo can actually organise a piss-up in a brewery."

She said, "Now we just have to find an enormous paper bag and see whether they can organise their way out of it."

Great response. But can we run a whelk stall?

Thursday — Both waking and sleeping

User marnanel referenced to your post from Thursday — Both waking and sleeping saying: [...] It was wonderful to be back with Fin, Alex, and Rio, as always. It's been quite a conference [...]

Re: Thursday — Both waking and sleeping

Thanks for the ping back!

I would like a copy of the single slide that Carsten had on the Open Source way of working – inclusion, meritocracy, transparency, upstream first. I can think of a number of institutions where that philosophy could usefully be introduced!

It might not be the slide, but would seem to be the page upon which the slide content was based:


Thanks for the link - that's the philosophy. What I'm looking for is a single slide with MeeGo-people (MeeGons) just skaing around the four concepts. I think there are screenshots online somewhere.

Nice write-up, Kathy, and I'm glad you had fun! I wish I'd been able to spend more time with you but kept getting pulled all over the place!

I had a complete ball and loved every moment. Am saving up to do it all again soon! I was sorry not to see much of you - I had hoped to sit and share a beer with you (there was no shortage of beer!). We'll have to target that for next time. :)

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