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thank you

I think your point about having a mix of people is spot on. If only our governments followed the same idea :)

What I'd really like to see is for the maemo community to continue to improve. We've got people putting in a fantastic amount of effort in, mohammadag's community ssu for example, but unfortunately we've had some devs, like smoku, leave, all with their own reasons.

Meego seems to be the favourite child at the moment. I used Moblin before on a netbook but wasn't overly impressed. The current mobile UI doesn't seem anywhere near as smart as Maemo5 (I know it's still in development). A lot of people on the forums seem to feel like the N900 has been neglected by Nokia now that the focus has switched to Meego. Continued growth would stem those concerns and it would be great as a means to show Nokia and Meego what they're missing.

As a user, what I'd like to see in the short term:
Better battery life through bug fixing.
Integration of fmms into the standard conversations app.
Perfomance improvements again through bug fixes amongst others.

In the long term I'd like more bluetooth support integrated. PBAB is on the way but needs putting into the core platform. Then theres MAP (which I filied a feature request for).

Hope it all goes well for you.

@anonymous, I think if you're expecting the *Community* Council to have any involvement or influence over Nokia's decisions about future plans for Maemo 5 releases, you're going to be disappointed; especially when two of them are enormous feature requests.

Now, seeing if frals wants help to contact Nokia to see if it can be integrated via some mechanism, that's within the Council's scope. But frals won't need that help now he's employed there!

Thank Jaffa! You have answered this far mor eloquently and accurately than I could.

It does rather underline my point about people's misperceptions of what the council is for, though!

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