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This is great to hear. :) The N900 is such an awesome phone, and knowing how to poke around under the hood makes it even better.
In regards to your comment, "I’d like to do the customising bit with the little flashing lights, but sadly I’m a coward on that, too."
If you're referring to the LED notification configuration, the codes are rather messy, but AFAIK you shouldn't be able to do anything too serious to the device if you're just messing with the LED codes - just comment out the original lines so you can go back to them if you do something silly.
Have Fun!

Truely open....

I'm less than convinced that it is that open.

Driver code for WIFI, power management and phone hardware?
I can not remember which parts do not have open source drivers...

Why bother? Well Nokia did slap me in the face with the Nokia 800.
I got my self a nice 770, the joy... well until the 800 came along.

Support for the 770 dried out.. Worse they created a new version of Maemo.
Now I had to compile my programs for 2 different OS's.
(3 now a day with the N900)

But wait the community could just port the new OS to 770, and ditch the old
(Can not expect Nokia to support it for ever right?)
But wait NO since the 770 uses super secret Nokia software

I really really want a N900 but I am not allowed due to my very private boycott of Nokia semi open hardware.

But any way the N900 is mile a head of other "cool" phones like the iPhone.
It does get beaten by the "OpenMoko" Freerunner phone in openness.
But the moko is a lot less "cool" and the software still has some bugs here and there.

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