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Orange Polski

Muszę przyznać, że fMMS części Polski był wesoły. To wstyd, że nie było publicznej post: (
Nawet jeśli nie byłoby miło z mojej strony udzielenia odpowiedzi na "Polski" przez Google Translate, ten wpis w całości wykonane mój dzień:) Mam tylko nadzieję, back translation będzie coume prawidłowo.

Niech żyje komputer kieszonkowy!

Re: Orange Polski

Amusing :) I wouldn't rely on Google Translate too much, tough. I've had to read it about twice to get it ;) -- evad @maemo.org

The daft thing is I didn't even think about using google-translate! Mind, seeing 'Orange' and fMMS was enough of a clue, I supose.

Didn't post on the open board since the poster (who as far as I can see from other posts is perfectly fluent in Englaish) to be embarrassed. I suspect it was just a brain fart. I didn't think to check the posters other posts either or I'd have asked for a translation.

That'll teach me to proof read before I submit!

thanks for sharing this

this is creatrive and practical and humanistic use of the N900 thank you for sharing it.

the servers were not so much down as undergoing major upgrades. this limited service. recall the fact that they host FREE software to millions.

Re: thanks for sharing this

Glad you enjoyed it.

My impression with the servers (rightly or wrongly) was that the upgrade happened flawlessly on schedule and with due warnings on the Friday, and then things went pear-shaped on the Saturday - which is why there was no-one around to fix them. I've no doubt it was a glitch following on from the big sever move, but not quite 'part' of it. We'd had news the move was over and all was running fine. The free community software is of the highest calibre - I certainly wouldn't call THAT unprofessional, and I'm very grateful for it. But I understood that the hardware on which it's hosted was part of Nokia's end of the deal, and was suprised someone as significant as that used a host without weekend cover. I wonder whether Nokia's own servers are on the same host. I got the impression (which may be mistaken) that the community and council was a bit powerless in all that.

Re: thanks for sharing this

Doing major upgrades on a Friday - sometimes not the best idea :-)

Re: thanks for sharing this

Now that's indisputable. :-)

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