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Maemo - in other news
I other news, I sent an MMS today.

That may not sound like news to most phone owners. But n900 (like the first edition iphone) came without MMS capability.

The difference is that whereas iphone owners had to wait for Apple to decide this was worth doing and implement it, n900 is designed for anyone who wants to make improvements. So community member Frals has been working on creating an MMS function.

It's still a way from fully working, and it's a good bit clunky to use, But it most definitely works, and I can transfer MMS between n900 and n95 relatively cleanly now.

Huge, huge thanks go to Frals for this. I stand in awe of people who can write stuff like that.

(Note - LJ doesn't have 'in awe' as a mood option!)
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Do you have an ETA on when the rest of us might get to experience that?

nice blog kathy

it's nice seeing the point of view from someone else new to maemo.
keep the articles coming they are a great read.


Thank you!

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