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Sounds like you have a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience. Wonderful!

Can I add you as an LJ friend? (My rate of LJ posting is about once a year though!)

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I had an amazing time. By all means add me as a friend. I don't blog very often - most of my activity is on www.revdkathy.tumblr.com but I use this for extended blocks of text. I used it a lot for private, personal journal-keeping last year, and have been putting the maemo stuff here. Add me as a friend and I'll come and read your annual post!

I'm glad you did get a computer.. else I would never have met you on Trek and would I've never visited Cornwall. *hugs*

As for Linux, well that is good for e-mail, IM, browsing and so on and it can be done by relatively inexperienced people, for the poweruser stuff, that is still a little bit difficult.

As for PDA's and such, I've got a neanderthal PDA from the stone age. ;)

Sooooooo...you joined a community to talk about a (very nifty looking) phone and you scored a free trip?

What sort of lame message board have I been hanging out at all this time??

Yeah, where's Bonz's budget for staff summits?

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