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Private pics

Hi Kathy, your Flickr pics are marked "Private"...
(From Qole)

Hi Qole,

Thanks!! I'll fix that. I posted this about 2 hours after i shuld have gone to bed, so it's a wonder it's even in English. I'll upload them straight to RevdKathy.com. :)

Re: Private pics

Why don't you just make the individual pictures on Flickr public? The N900 has an upload-to-Flickr function, and if you change the options before uploading, you can set the pictures to public before uploading them... or set them to public afterwards too, from your Flickr photo pages.


I will. But that would take a bit of working out how. I went for the 'I already know how to do this' option while my poor brain recovers from Barcelona!


sounds like you're having a great time, Kathy. :)

Barcelona is great, it's the first European city I've ever been to, so it's a special place for me, and I LOVE all the gaudi buildings, absolutely magnificent! When you said the cathedral, did you mean Sagrada Familia? because you're missing out on a great architectural wonder if you don't go in and see it.

Hope the rest of the stay goes well. and I want to hear more about this new phone. :)

Not sure what - You'll see when I get the pics sorted. I simplt refuse to pay to see God. Ask me for a donation. ;)

ah, that's the Gothic cathedral. Sagrada Familia is the one they are still building (they started in 1800s and not expecting to finish it for another 80 years). I read somewhere they charge 11 euro for SF, checking my notes, I was charged 8 euros for it back in 2005. I didn't really mind it because they were still building the thing.

I understand how you feel about paying to go inside a cathedral or any place of worship, it just doesn't feel right.

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